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Our Services

Currently, SemCAMS is centered around two world-class sour gas plants, including: Kaybob South No. 3 (K3) and Kaybob Amalgamated (KA) with combined licensed processing capacity of 1.5 bcf/d.

We have over 600 miles of interconnected sweet and interconnected sour gas gathering systems as well as field dehydration and compression facilities and two sweet gas processing plants, West Fox Creek (WFC) and West Whitecourt (WWC).

Our plants are dually connected to both the TransCanada West (Nova) Gathering System and Alliance pipeline providing marketing flexibility.

SemCAMS provides an integrated gathering and processing service with several options for wet or dry, sweet or sour gas gathering and processing, dehydration, field compression, liquid recovery (including lean oil absorption) and sulphur forming and handling.

Now, as part of a dynamic, fully integrated midstream service company, we provide additional value to our customers not only by maintaining our reliable, flexible, and efficient gathering and processing operation but also by:


Enhancing our business.


We continue to bring more gas to our facilities, further improving our efficiencies. We are increasing our range of services to customers providing competitive alternatives for frac oil product, NGL fractionation, sulphur handling and storage. We are providing creative solutions for our customers' needs such as freeing up their capital so that they can fund more of their exploration and development efforts, providing funding flexibility to suit their financial or operational needs, and by providing merchant services, through SemCanada L.P. reducing risk and overhead for our customers.


Growing our business.


As exploration and development activities continue to grow throughout Western Canada we are continuing to invest capital to construct and extend infrastructure to accommodate our customers' needs. Through strategic acquisitions we will continue to grow and enhance our fully integrated midstream service offerings.