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About Us

SemCAMS gathers and processes natural gas in Canada. We are based in Calgary and part of the SemGroup® Corporation family . We own and operate four processing plants located in the heart of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, the home of 80 percent of Canada’s sour natural gas production.

Two of these facilities are sour natural gas processing plants and two are sweet gas processing plants. In addition, we have a vast network of more than 600 miles of natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines. Two of the plants have the ability to load product for transportation by truck and railcar.

Health, environment and safety considerations are an integral part of SemCAMS’ daily operations. Our company and our employees are committed to compliance assurance, continual improvement, pollution prevention and the overall reduction of our environmental footprint.

Our dedicated professionals have substantial operation and business expertise and a track record of delivery and solid relationships with our customers.